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Gantner: Ask these questions before choosing a Realtor

Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime.

The median home price for homes in Williamson County in June was $280,000. If you had a $280,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a certified public accountant? If you had a $280,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a licensed real estate professional is just as foolish.

Now, it is important to know that all real estate licensees are not the same. Only real estate licensees who are members of the National Association of Realtors are properly called Realtors.

They proudly display the Realtor logo on the business card or other marketing and sales literature. They are committed to treating all parties to a transaction honestly. And most importantly, they subscribe to a strict code of ethics and maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate.

But how to do you find a Realtor? This can be a very daunting process even if you’ve bought or sold a home multiple times. First off, this is not a time to be shy and reserved; this entails one of the largest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Some questions worth asking:

How long have you been in real estate? Are you looking for an agent that got their license yesterday or someone with a little experience under their belt? This is something to really consider. A more experienced agent should know the market better, know the programs available and be able to network your house. However, that doesn’t mean a new agent should be immediately discounted.

How long have you lived in this area? Another important question. You don’t want an agent who lives over an hour away helping you. An agent who has lived in the area for years might know more than an agent who has only been here for a couple years.

Do you have a team, or do you work alone? Understand expectations. Will you be communicating with only the agent, or are they going to pass you off to an assistant or another agent on the team? Don’t discount either option; just know what you are getting before signing that contract.

What is your schedule? Real estate is seen by many as a part-time job, and as such, it’s great to know if the Realtor you are hiring can only take phone calls after 6 p.m. and on weekends. You do not want to miss an opportunity finding your dream home because your agent is working another job. Also see if your agent is taking time off in the near future, and if they will work remotely in that case.

How will you market my property? Or how will you find my new home? There are many multiple listing services in Central Texas, and knowing if your Realtor belongs to one or more is very important. The more listing services an agent is a member, the wider the exposure. Many members of the Williamson County Association belong to two listing services: the Central Texas MLS, covering numerous counties including Williamson, Bell, Lampasas, Hays, Comal and Caldwell; and another covering Travis and Williamson counties.

Again, this is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Ask your friends and family for names of the agent they worked with, and if they were satisfied. Interview more than one agent, find out their style, do they return phone calls and how late or early will they answer the phone.

If your friends do not have any recommendations, visiting is a good place to start.

I wish you the best of luck whether you are buying or selling real estate.

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Original Author: Suzanne Gantner

Original Date: July 12 2017

More Americans Think It’s a Good Time to Sell a Home

With home prices zooming up with no end in sight, a record number of Americans think it’s a good time to sell a home.

About 61% of folks said there was no time like the present to put a home on the market, according to Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey for May. That’s the highest percentage it’s been since Fannie began the survey in June 2010. (Fifty-seven percent of participants said it was a good time to sell in April.)

The monthly survey polls 1,000 Americans with more than 100 questions on their attitudes toward owning and renting a home, price changes in the housing market, and the health of the economy.

However, those high prices don’t mean that homeowners are going to rush to plant “For Sale” signs in their front yards.

“They [still] have to find a new place to move,” says Sarah Shahdad, a market insights researcher at Fannie Mae. “If they don’t see an affordable buying opportunity, they might be hesitant to list their homes for sale—even if they think it’s a good time to sell.”

The bank account–busting price tags of properties are also leading more people, about 33%, to think it’s not a good time to be a home hunter. That’s compared with 27% who thought it wasn’t an ideal time to buy in April.

“People who think it’s a bad time to buy are concerned about high home prices,” Shahdad says. “The supply of homes is tight, which is pushing up home prices.”

And nearly half of Americans, 48%, believe those prices are going to get even higher compared with just 8% who think they’ll go down, according to the survey.

That makes sense as prices are usually the highest during the warm-weather months, when competition is the fiercest. That’s because many folks want to move in the summer, before the kids go back to school.

“As long as the supply remains limited, that’s going to push home prices up higher,” Shahdad says.

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Original Date: Jun 7, 2017

Is Spring The Best Time To Sell or Buy a Home

Popular opinion would have you thinking that the only time your home will sell is during the spring.  Although spring is a super exciting time in real estate, it isn’t necessarily the only time you should consider selling your home.  The spring season is known to bring out buyers and sellers alike.  With the onslaught of buyers and sellers it is important to note that there is more competition.  Note that more sellers’ means more homes to choose from; more buyers mean more competition to get top dollar for available inventory.

In some situations it makes sense to wait until the spring but it isn’t necessarily the only time to consider buying or selling a home.  There are many reasons to consider listing your home right now.  Consider the following:

  • Work Relocations: The first quarter of the year is known for people relocating for work.  Changes are made to adjust for work load, retirements, and such.  Sellers are looking to move their homes quickly while promptly looking to purchase a home.
  • Fewer Homes for Sale: Selling in the winter when there are fewer homes for sale can work in your favor. A smaller inventory of homes means that your home will receive a lot more attention.
  • More Agent Attention: Fewer homes that agents are marketing allow the agent to spend more time on your listing.
  • Fewer Showings: When your home is listed outside of the spring season the number of showings your home will have is sure to be less.  The quality of home buyers is increased during slower times in real estate therefore the quantity of people that will be less.  The benefit to you, less work in keeping your home up to date and clean.
  • Quicker Home Sales: Home buyers that are out searching for their dream home in the winter are motivated.  There is no wasting time going in and out of home after home.  It is cold, buyers are inspired to shop quickly and get into a new home and out of the cold.

If you are thinking about selling your home there is no need to wait until April.  Now is the perfect time to meet with a real estate agent to start discussing what needs to be done to get your home listed.  This will give you ample time to hit the market before the spring rush and hopefully get you out of your home and into a new one just in time to enjoy the nicer weather.

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Helpful Tips For Buying Your First Home

Purchasing your first home comes with many trials and tribulations.  In the first year after closing there are many valuable lessons to be learned.  Here are some things to think about as you begin the process of going from renting to buying.

Think About The Future:  When buying your first home it is easy to get caught up.  At the time you can’t imagine that you will ever need to sell this home you are about to start building your future in.  This however can’t be further than the truth.  The truth is the first home you purchase will most likely not be the last one you purchase.  No matter where you are at or what stage you are at it is important that you take into consideration how difficult it will be to eventually sell when you are ready for the next step.

Checklist:  When you are purchasing your first home, second or third, you will find it is quiet an emotional process.  It is quite possible to overlook things when your emotions start to take over.  Before starting your adventure into buying your first home create a checklist of must-haves, nice-to-haves and other essentials.  Print the list and take a copy with you to each and every house you visit.    Also bring with you a camera.  If you fall in love with a home but with your checklist and photos show that the house doesn’t have any of the must-haves then at least it will make you rethink the purchase?

Budget For Housing Expenses:  When considering what you can don’t just consider the principal, interest, taxes and insurance.  You must take into account the amount you will spend on utilities, home improvement upgrades and costs to commute.  Can you afford the house, the extra expenses while living the life style you have become accustomed to?

Look Into The Neighborhood:  Check out the neighborhood.  Is it a neighborhood that is full of children and growing families?  Do you enjoy the chitter-chatter of kids or will it drive you crazy?  Is the neighborhood full of older adults whose families have grown?  Did you plan on having kids?  Will the lifestyle you are considering for your future fit within the existing neighborhood?

Look Beyond The Staging: We all think we are smart enough that we will not fall for the tricks that are used in staging however the psychology of staging works.  Homes look better when they are occupied.  When you are truly looking to say yes to a home it is important to remove the staging setup from your mind and consider your belongings in the layout of the home. Just because lights are sitting on the nightstands doesn’t mean that there are plugs there to go with it.  Staging can play games with your emotions.

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Tips For First Time Home Buyers

As a first time home buyer you often don’t have any idea what to expect.  In this installment we will establish steps to take in order to determine if you are ready to take the plunge into home ownership.

Consider the area that you are looking at buying.  Check out the selling price of comparable homes in the area.  You can do this by looking at the MLS listings in the area or on a number of online real estate websites.

Find an online mortgage calculator to determine your monthly mortgage payments.  Many realtors have bankrate home loan calculators on their sites in order to allow clients to estimate the payment they can expect monthly on various mortgage amounts.

After you have determined an approximate monthly mortgage payment it is important to look into the total monthly costs to operate the home including taxes and insurance.  In some situations homeowners have found that the money going into escrow can often double the monthly payment amount.

Determine how much your mortgage lender requires in closing costs.  The upfront expenses of the home loan should never be overlooked.  Closing costs can include a variety of fees including: origination fees, title fees, settlement fees, taxes, homeowner association fees and other prepaid expenses.

Consider your budget and consider how the house fits into the puzzle.  Most lenders recommend that homebuyers spend no more than twenty eight percent of their take home income on the cost of housing.  When buyers move upwards to thirty percent they take a chance on being house poor.  Being house poor means that you no longer have extra funds to spend on anything other than your home.  This is a risky spot to be in and should not be considered a way of life for the long term.

Talk to a local realtor to discuss the climate of real estate within the area that you are interested.  Do they believe that the area and housing prices will continue to increase, will the decrease or will they stabilize?  There is no guarantees on the housing market but the trends of the past can help indicate future behavior.

Consider the larger picture of homeownership.  Buying a home is a super investment and great way to build wealth.  First time homebuyers need to understand that maintaining this investment can be not only be intensive labor wise but also on your budget.  It is important to remember that no longer can expenses be passed off to the landlord.  When something breaks down it is yours and yours alone to fix.

These are just a few of the things for first time homebuyers to look at before they buy a home.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at

Hot Trends When Purchasing a Home In 2016

It is important for both buyers and sellers to keep up with the latest trends in home improvements.  What was popular a year ago, let alone ten years ago may drastically change the way a home is viewed within the game of real estate.  Really think about the trends that were present in homes we were raised in verse what is popular now.

Shag carpeting, colored appliances, laminate flooring, formica countertops and gold fixtures were all the rage and a house with all five of these hot button trends would fly off the market.  Try to sell that same house now and it would sit forever waiting for the right buyer to come along only after the seller had dropped the asking price significantly.  This is just one of the many reasons it is important to keep up on the trends present within the home improvement and real estate arenas.

Trendy Kitchen Ideas

In real estate the kitchen is arguably the most important room within a home.  In order to get top dollar from the sale of your home it is important to keep up on popular upgrades to the space.  The following are just a few things that are trending in kitchen designs and upgrades for 2016:

  • Kitchen islands with additional work space and seating.
  • Dark cabinetry that are enhanced with other materials such as glass and metal.
  • Uncommon countertop materials like exotic stones, hand poured cement or granite.
  • Wine coolers that are built in.
  • Stainless steel, top of the line appliances that include all the bells and whistles.
  • Double ovens, convection ovens and unconventional, six burner stove tops are incredibly trend with the increased popularity in preparing culinary delights at home.

Trending Designs For Bathrooms

  • Glass and stone are both popular material choices in bathroom updates in 2016. Consider a blend of natural, raw materials when upgrading bathroom spaces.
  • Vessel sinks, paired with antique inspired vanities are offering a classically, modern spin on creating a retreat in your very own home.
  • Chrome fixtures are being replaced for brushed nickel.
  • Showers are a more popular option then bathtubs. Deck out your extended shower space with multiple faucets, dual showerheads and hand held sprayers.  Upgraded fixtures and faucets are attractive to homeowners that are ready to move into a space without any DIY updates to contend with.
  • Another popular feature in bathrooms to consider in upgrades is the installation of automatic lighting.

Trends in home improvements aren’t anything new.  It is important to follow up with trends in the housing market especially if you are a seller looking to sell your homewithin the next five years.  You can never go wrong in home improvement with simple, classic updates enhanced with easily replaceable accessories that follow trends.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at

Attracting Home Buyers During The Hot Fall Real Estate Season

Autumn is literally right around the corner.  The kids are back in school, the weather is becoming a bit more bearable and there is downtime between summer vacations and the holidays.  There is no doubt why fall is the second best season in real estate especially when it comes to selling your home.  Not only do the colors start to explode amongst the trees, for sale signs also start to reappear.  Below you will find some of our top tips to help sellers attract autumn home buyers.

Shape Up the Landscape

In order to attract buyers a home must appear well maintained inside and out.  Make sure to take time to rake up fallen leaves and clean debris before it settles.  Overgrown vegetation should be trimmed including small bushes and large trees around the home.  Dead flowers should be cut down and prepared for next spring and vine growth should be eliminated to enhance the exterior of your home.

Create an Autumn Atmosphere

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home for top dollar.  One way to enhance the feeling of warmth and fall is add a little bit of it to your home.  Take advantage of the beauty that comes from all things fall like corn stalks, pumpkins and mums.  Accent walkways and entrances to add to the fall appeal.

Window Washing

Everyone considers spring cleaning however the momentum often dies going into the fall season.  When looking to sell your home during the fall real estate season it is beneficial to thoroughly was dusty, streaked windows.   Clean off pet prints and wipe down window ledges.  The little details may not get noticed when they are on point but if they are left uncared for you can guarantee that buyers will take note.

HVAC Maintenance

Just as homeowners take time to have central air conditioning system evaluated at the beginning of the spring season, heating systems should be checked as well at the beginning of fall.  You will want your home to smell clean and dust free.  A dirty heating system says a lot about your home that you don’t want it to.  Replace furnace filters, have vents cleaned and do the yearly maintenance that needs to be done to ensure your system is running efficiently and clean.

Prepare Fall Edibles

The scent of fall is quiet attractive and should be used to your advantage during open houses and home visits.  Fresh apple cider smells, pumpkin spice cupcakes or leaf cut out cookies left out on the counter are all ways to welcome guests into your home.  People looking to purchase a home want it to be warm, cozy and inviting.  Make sure that appeal is what they feel when they first arrive.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at

Don’t Fall For Staging Tricks When Buying A New Home

In our last installment on buying a home we discussed how many buyers turn down a house if it lacks visual appeal.  Instead of only looking at a home for its aesthetic values it is crucial that homeowners look deeper into the bones of a home.  The condition of homes foundation and structure are the most important aspects to consider.  The following aspects can also tell you a lot about how the homes you are looking at have been maintained and cared for.

How does the plumbing throughout the home look?  Check out the water and the pressure of the water pressure.  Turn on all of the faucets all at one time and check to see their output.  Inspect the pipes to ensure they are not lead while also looking at the current insulation.  Pipes can easily be insulated using preformed insulation but it is important to know what will need to be done ahead of time.  Pipes that are in crawl spaces must be insulated as well as plumbing that is on the other side of exterior walls, often seen in kitchens.  Check the hot water heater and tank, boiler and radiator.  These are all good indicators of the updates that have or have not been done to the homes plumbing.

How well insulated is the home.  When you are inside the home is the traffic easily heard throughout the home?  Can you hear a lot of outside noise such as children playing?  This may not seem like a big deal at the time but poor insulation is not all about the annoyance of extra outside noise.  If a home is not properly insulated against the sounds of the world around it then it most likely is not apt to hold in heat or air conditioning.

Realtors advise buyers to check out the homes attic space as well.  Check for fire and water damage as both can lead to a structure that is weakened.   If you can see any light from within the attic, through even pin hole sized points it is crucial to make note of these.  If you purchase the home these areas need to be caulked to prevent water from accessing the area and leaking into the home causing damage to ceilings.  Is the attic easy to access?  Can the space be turned into something usable like an office or spare bedroom?  What about storage or extra insulation?

There is so much more to a home than what buyers can see however this is a hard concept for realtors to get across to a visual buyer.  A home that is painted with wickedly wild colors and covered in crazy bright carpet is a whole lot cheaper to repair than a home with a faulty foundation or unstable roof.  Remember this as it is easy to become caught up in the way something looks.  Professionals in staging can turn a home that hasn’t been maintained into a beauty with a few tricks of the trade. Don’t fall prey to this.  Instead keep your eyes open and look for things we have mentioned in these latest installments.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at

Don’t Get Caught Up In Curb Appeal When Purchasing A New Home

When it comes to purchasing a new home many buyers get caught up in the visual aspects of the home.  This is a mistake that often hurts buyers.  Instead of seeing the potential in a home they are driven off by brightly colored walls or unconventional flooring.  In reality these aspects are easily changed.  Instead staging often fools buyers and they forget that beauty is only skin deep allowing them to forget about the costly realities like roofing, electricity, plumbing and foundation.

Real estate professionals often warn clients from making mistakes like this but fall on deaf ears.  To prevent the same mistake from happening to you consider the following when considering a home to purchase.  Even the ugliest of ducklings can have the makings of a castle given the shape of the homes foundation, roofing and a fundamentally strong structure.

Consider the shape of the homes windows.  Realtors stress that it is important for buyers to look at the external state of the windows over their age.  New windows that are installed incorrectly are far less attractive as older, sturdier windows that have been well maintained.  If the exterior of the windows are in good shape it is a great indicator of the condition and level of maintenance that the current homeowner showed the home.  If you push on the window and can easily push the window frame in at all then it means the windows are starting to rot.  If the windows are double hung and you can visually see any sort of condensation the windows are faulty.

The roof is also an important aspect when looking into purchasing a home.  An asphalt shingle roof has a life expectancy of between fifteen and twenty years.  If you are unsure of when the roof was last replaced it is best to have a professional roofer out to inspect any homes you are interested in.  A professional roofer will know what to look for to age a home roof.  Certain things buyers can see themselves such as if the roof has a bunch of missing shingles or if there is substantial curling that can be seen on the shingles.  These are all signs the roof will need to be immediately replaced.  If this is the case be sure to negotiate the expense of a new roof into the purchase price of the home.

Another item a buyer often over look is the homes electrical system and power sources.  Electrical wiring that is not done by a professional electrician leaves a lot of room for error.  Improperly ran electrical wiring is dangerous.  Check out the shape of the fuse box and test the circuit breaker to ensure that it is functioning properly.  Rewiring a home is a messy and expensive job to undertake.  It is often a job that new homeowners are not looking to involve themselves in.

In our next installment we will continue to look into the items often overlooked by buyers as they concentrate on the less important visual aspects of a home.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at

Tips From Realtors To Improve The Odds Of Selling Your Home

Below you will find multiple tips from local realtors to increase the chances that your home will stand out amongst the competition within the spring-time real estate market:

Professional Inspection

It is important that sellers have their homes inspected prior to putting their homes on the market.  Waiting until the end when the buyer has the home inspected often leads to surprises.  To avoid these unwanted revelations have a professional inspection company out to inspect the home.  Pay special attention to the homes foundations, structural soundness and roofing.

New Life To The Home’s Exterior

  • Purchase New Outdoor Entry Door Mats: New outdoor mats refresh the entry space.
  • Power Wash Siding: Spring cleaning should not be kept only to the interior of the home. Power wash the siding to take off dirt, debris and mildew that can build up in areas of the home where light does not shine.
  • Freshen Up Exterior Door Paint: Fresh paint really livens up the front door which is the face of the home. Dramatic colors when used in conjunction with complementary siding can really change the look of the home.  Paint draws attention to the refreshed space attracting buyers to the curb appeal of your home.

Prepare The Landscape

  • Rake the Yard: The lawn must be in tip top shape. To ensure that loose grass, pine needles, leaves and lawn debris is not present the lawn should be raked.  The remains should be picked up and disposed of in paper recycling lawn bags.
  • Trim Bushes: Trim bushes and cut overgrown trees. This will clean up the area and make it look fresh.  Tree limbs that are overgrown block the light on the home so removing them will allow the sun back into the yard.  Openness and light appeals to buyers.
  • Mow Regularly: Having the lawn freshly mowed will come across as manicured and professional. This will also give the curb appeal a boost.
  • Edge Sidewalks and Walkways: Clean, pristine walkways show buyers that the home was kept up on and well maintained.
  • Add Color: Include color in the landscaping. Plant bright landscaping and arrange scented, colorful containers filled with flowering plants to bring lively, vibrant colors to the exterior.

Thorough Spring Cleaning

  • Clean Drapery and Blinds: Window covering should be sent out to the cleaners. They will come back fresh and pressed.  Blinds should be professionally cleaned to get rid of the dirt that has built up over time.  Spider webs that cover blinds are not becoming to sellers.
  • Wash Windows Inside and Out: Sparkling windows don’t cost a thing and really add to the overall presentation of the home. Avoid streaks and smudges by cleaning windows inside and out.  Then using a fresh micro-fiber cloth dry wipe the interior and exterior.
  • Wipe Window Frames: It may seem mundane but it is so important to clean the window frames and sills thoroughly. Windows should be open to allow in crisp air when buyers are present and the last thing that sells a home is sill scum.
  • Polish Floors and Mirrors: Shine and sparkle are appreciated by buyers. It demonstrates how well the home is maintained.
  • Clear Clutter: Remove clutter from your home. Take your personality out of the home so that buyers can see themselves in the space.  Remove pictures, eliminate unneeded knick-knacks and purge over abundance as this allows buyers to envision the space as their own.

Add Life To The Home

  • Add Fresh Flowers: Clip fresh flowers and display them throughout the home. Use flowers that are fragrant or flowers that buyers can see in the outside landscape around the home.
  • Use Electric Oil Scents: Oil scents are a popular, hidden way to include favorable scents into every room in your home. Use scents that appeal to the masses.  Popular scents remain clean linen, fresh cotton, lavender and vanilla.  Light scents over harsh deep scents are preferred by the majority.  Stick with them when including electric oil scents within your home.
  • Bring In Colorful Accents: Replace the inexpensive accents in the home to bring color and updates to the interior or the home.  Towels, linens, throw blankets, and accent pillows can be replaced reasonably and the new colors will freshen up the environment.
  • Update Rugs: Rugs that are worn out show a lack of cleanliness and maintenance. Rugs are fairly easy to find inexpensively and bring in patterns and colors to neutral paint and drab solid colored furnishings.
  • Paint Interior Doors:

Marketing The Home For Sale

  • Make Use of Brightly Colored Balloons: Balloons help to create excitement and bring attention to your open house signs.
  • Send Out Vibrant Flyers: Marketing materials should be brightly colored. Black and white flyers don’t do the same job that colorful promotional materials do.
  • Announce Financing Options: Don’t keep buyers guessing on affordable financing options proudly display them on materials displayed at open houses or that are directly mailed to potential buyers. Many buyers appreciate an estimated monthly mortgage payment to ensure that the home is within their preapproval.
  • Offer Bottled Water & Treats: Looking at home after home is exhausting. Buyers will appreciate water and treats while viewing your home.  Personalize them with photos of your home and your realtor’s information.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at