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Buying and Selling During The Spring Season

Spring time in the north is one of the greatest times.  The landscapes are turning from brown to green, color is coming back to the skies, softball starts and home buyers eagerly start to look for a home to purchase.   There is no doubt about it; spring is the most popular real estate season.  No matter if you are looking to purchase or sell a home now is the perfect time to forge full speed ahead.  Below are some tips to assist buyers as they look to gain insight into the spring real estate market.

First things first:  Talk with a Mortgage Broker

Before you even begin to look at homes are meet with a real estate agent talk with a mortgage broker.  You must be able to secure a home loan to buy a home.  Sellers are looking for buyers who are preapproved.   Sellers do not want to waste time accepting offers from buyers who will not be able to secure a mortgage.  A pre-approval is valuable because it shows that the buyer will be able to obtain a home loan as well as a point of reference on how much the buyer can afford.  A pre-approval means that you are a serious buyer.  If a seller needs to choose who to enter into a contract with they will always go with the buyer that has already secured financial backing in the form of a pre-approval.

Secondly: Choose a Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent is the next step in looking to purchase a home in the spring.   Get referrals from family, friends and individuals who have recently purchased a home.  After you get several names and numbers start by calling their office to schedule an appointment to meet to discuss what you are looking for, how much you have to spend and the needs verse the wants in the home you are looking to purchase.

It is critical when interviewing real estate agents you find someone that is not only experienced in local real estate but also one that is available to communicate with you in a productive manner.  Buying a home is the biggest financial decision in your life; you will want a partner to help you find a home that is in it for you and not just for the commission.

Check out the Neighborhood

Take time to look into neighborhoods that your real estate agent thinks best fit what you are looking for.  Drive by the area, check out the schools and such before ever stepping foot into a home.  Find several locations that you are interested in to help narrow down the search.  The last thing you want to do is spend day after day walking through home after home especially in areas that are of little appeal to you.  If you don’t love the neighborhood falling in love with the house does very little in getting you to the finish line and purchasing a home.

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Tips From Realtors To Improve The Odds Of Selling Your Home

Below you will find multiple tips from local realtors to increase the chances that your home will stand out amongst the competition within the spring-time real estate market:

Professional Inspection

It is important that sellers have their homes inspected prior to putting their homes on the market.  Waiting until the end when the buyer has the home inspected often leads to surprises.  To avoid these unwanted revelations have a professional inspection company out to inspect the home.  Pay special attention to the homes foundations, structural soundness and roofing.

New Life To The Home’s Exterior

  • Purchase New Outdoor Entry Door Mats: New outdoor mats refresh the entry space.
  • Power Wash Siding: Spring cleaning should not be kept only to the interior of the home. Power wash the siding to take off dirt, debris and mildew that can build up in areas of the home where light does not shine.
  • Freshen Up Exterior Door Paint: Fresh paint really livens up the front door which is the face of the home. Dramatic colors when used in conjunction with complementary siding can really change the look of the home.  Paint draws attention to the refreshed space attracting buyers to the curb appeal of your home.

Prepare The Landscape

  • Rake the Yard: The lawn must be in tip top shape. To ensure that loose grass, pine needles, leaves and lawn debris is not present the lawn should be raked.  The remains should be picked up and disposed of in paper recycling lawn bags.
  • Trim Bushes: Trim bushes and cut overgrown trees. This will clean up the area and make it look fresh.  Tree limbs that are overgrown block the light on the home so removing them will allow the sun back into the yard.  Openness and light appeals to buyers.
  • Mow Regularly: Having the lawn freshly mowed will come across as manicured and professional. This will also give the curb appeal a boost.
  • Edge Sidewalks and Walkways: Clean, pristine walkways show buyers that the home was kept up on and well maintained.
  • Add Color: Include color in the landscaping. Plant bright landscaping and arrange scented, colorful containers filled with flowering plants to bring lively, vibrant colors to the exterior.

Thorough Spring Cleaning

  • Clean Drapery and Blinds: Window covering should be sent out to the cleaners. They will come back fresh and pressed.  Blinds should be professionally cleaned to get rid of the dirt that has built up over time.  Spider webs that cover blinds are not becoming to sellers.
  • Wash Windows Inside and Out: Sparkling windows don’t cost a thing and really add to the overall presentation of the home. Avoid streaks and smudges by cleaning windows inside and out.  Then using a fresh micro-fiber cloth dry wipe the interior and exterior.
  • Wipe Window Frames: It may seem mundane but it is so important to clean the window frames and sills thoroughly. Windows should be open to allow in crisp air when buyers are present and the last thing that sells a home is sill scum.
  • Polish Floors and Mirrors: Shine and sparkle are appreciated by buyers. It demonstrates how well the home is maintained.
  • Clear Clutter: Remove clutter from your home. Take your personality out of the home so that buyers can see themselves in the space.  Remove pictures, eliminate unneeded knick-knacks and purge over abundance as this allows buyers to envision the space as their own.

Add Life To The Home

  • Add Fresh Flowers: Clip fresh flowers and display them throughout the home. Use flowers that are fragrant or flowers that buyers can see in the outside landscape around the home.
  • Use Electric Oil Scents: Oil scents are a popular, hidden way to include favorable scents into every room in your home. Use scents that appeal to the masses.  Popular scents remain clean linen, fresh cotton, lavender and vanilla.  Light scents over harsh deep scents are preferred by the majority.  Stick with them when including electric oil scents within your home.
  • Bring In Colorful Accents: Replace the inexpensive accents in the home to bring color and updates to the interior or the home.  Towels, linens, throw blankets, and accent pillows can be replaced reasonably and the new colors will freshen up the environment.
  • Update Rugs: Rugs that are worn out show a lack of cleanliness and maintenance. Rugs are fairly easy to find inexpensively and bring in patterns and colors to neutral paint and drab solid colored furnishings.
  • Paint Interior Doors:

Marketing The Home For Sale

  • Make Use of Brightly Colored Balloons: Balloons help to create excitement and bring attention to your open house signs.
  • Send Out Vibrant Flyers: Marketing materials should be brightly colored. Black and white flyers don’t do the same job that colorful promotional materials do.
  • Announce Financing Options: Don’t keep buyers guessing on affordable financing options proudly display them on materials displayed at open houses or that are directly mailed to potential buyers. Many buyers appreciate an estimated monthly mortgage payment to ensure that the home is within their preapproval.
  • Offer Bottled Water & Treats: Looking at home after home is exhausting. Buyers will appreciate water and treats while viewing your home.  Personalize them with photos of your home and your realtor’s information.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at